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फीचर्ड रेस्टोरेंट

बन्द है

New Kung Fu Wok


23B Rowner Road Gosport Portsmouth England PO13 9UE

  • वितरण
  • पिक अप
बन्द है

Sun of China

Cantonese, Chinese

28 North End Road Golders Green London England NW11 7PT

  • पिक अप
  • में भोजन
बन्द है

Joy's Chinese Restaurant

Chinese, Fried Chicken

40 New Oxford Street London England WC1A 1EP

  • पिक अप
  • में भोजन
बन्द है

Chutney Tandoori


11 Blackheath Road London England SE10 8PE

  • वितरण
  • पिक अप
  • में भोजन
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What The All Eat App Does

All Eat App is a food delivery service based in London. Customers can order takeaway delivery online from collaborating restaurants nearby using our website, apps in google play store or apple app store. Apart from that, you can book tables in all our restaurants.

What you can order from the All Eat App

From our collaborating restaurants, we deliver you all sorts of food. Download our free food delivery app you can choose authentic Chinese to Spicy Indian cuisine, American style to Japanese Sushi, Sandwich from Deli to Burgers and Barbeque. If you are looking for Italian Pizza, Mexican, Greek, Middle Eastern or Mediterranean delicacy, we have them all.

You can order from all types of restaurants: Thai, Korean, Kebabs, Fried Chicken, Malaysian, African, Lebanese or Turkish cuisine to your home or office or wherever you want. Search in our app if you are looking for Healthy, Halal, Vegetarian food in our cuisine category.

How does the All Eat App Work

Customers can get their food deliveries in 4 simple steps using our All Eat App or from www.alleatapp.com.

  1. Find restaurants with free delivery near you
  2. Choose your food from a large list of takeaway menu.
  3. Pay online or cash in hand.
  4. Enjoy your food wherever you are.

Tips- you can surprise your friends or family by ordering takeaway food to them by our app.

Why the All Eat App is good for you

You can order takeaway from different restaurants and at the same time and get exclusive discounts. The journey is one way so you can get it faster. And you can do it from the comfort of wherever you are.

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