When will my order arrive?

While we try our best to get you the fastest delivery, orders can typically take around 45-60 mins. We will be happy to assist you via our live chat based on your reference number. 


Is there a minimum order for delivery?

Minimum spend depends solely on each restaurant. You can view the minimum order details for each restaurant while browsing on All Eat App


Do you deliver to my postcode?

You can browse nearby takeaways by typing the postcode in our app or the website. Each restaurant will show a delivery distance in miles which will be the radius within which they deliver. 


Can I place an order for collection?

Yes, you can opt for collection on our app or website. Just select the collection option while placing your order. You can expect to pick up your order 15-20 mins after placing the order for collection.


Can I get a refund?

You will need to contact the restaurant to get a refund for your order. In case you’re eligible for a refund, the restaurant will contact us and we will process your refund within 5 working days. 


How much do you charge for delivery? 

The delivery charges may vary between restaurants which you can view while placing an order. Some takeaways offer free delivery on a minimum amount of orders.


Can I order through live chat?

Live chats don’t accept orders. All takeaway orders can be placed through the All eat app or on All Eat website.


Can I close my All Eat Account

To permanently delete your account, please click on the following link- Close My Account


Please note that once deleted, no reactivation of your account will be possible.


Why is my order cancelled?

Your order may have been cancelled due to the restaurant being closed or if the order appears to be suspicious and fake. We will contact you by phone if your order has been cancelled and can provide you with the required support related to the issue. 


Can I pay by cash?

Yes, you can pay by cash, card or Paypal, as per your convenience at the checkout. 


Can I add something to an order I have already made?

New items cannot be added to an already placed order. You can always place a new order for any additional items you want to add.