Terms and Conditions

Website Terms and conditions for All Eat App


When using the All Eat App website, the following terms and conditions must be kept at all times.


Legal Terms

The following information on this page sets out our terms and conditions for our website and mobile application. Please read the terms and conditions before ordering any products through our website or mobile application. Any present or future products ordered through the website or mobile application, you will agree to be bound by the following terms for the use of the website and mobile application.


Using and accessing the website will indicate that you accept all the website and mobile application term set out on this page.


Our Privacy policy and Cookies Policy covers the use of your personal information submitted via the website and mobile application.


We reserve the right to change any of the term on this page if and when is necessary, in line with business and legal obligations. We recommend you regularly check the current terms and conditions for any changes.


Access use Terms for the website

Most of our website and mobile application is open to all users to view our products and service. Access is given to areas of the website and mobile application without making orders or registering any personal information for an account to make future purchases.


You confirm that all information you provide to us, is true and accurate in all respects.


Legal Age Terms

When placing an order using the website or mobile application, you are at least 18 years old, and you must be legally capable of entering into binding contracts with the Restaurant.

You agree that you will contact the restaurant directly in the case of any food allergy or intolerance, this must be done before any order is placed.


Where Alcohol is for sale, you must agree that you understand and acknowledge, it is an offence in the UK to buy, attempt to buy, or for someone to buy for anyone under the age of 18. If your order includes any alcohol, you will be asked to provide satisfactory proof  that you are over the age of 18, the Restaurant you have chosen reserves the right to refuse the delivery of any age restricted products such as alcohol, if they believe it has been ordered and brought on behalf of or by someone under the age of 18.


Ordering and Processing Orders

Below is outlined how orders are created and processed.


To order products through our website you will need to create an account, once you have created an account you will be able to create an order for your chosen Restaurant, once you are happy with the products you have selected, you can complete the order by selecting “place order” or “complete my order”

You should always be careful to check the correct information is entered before selecting to complete, what we mean by information, can be for example: correct address if opting for delivery, delivery or collection time, correct items ordered, and quantity, once you click complete order you will be entering into a contract with the selected Restaurant and errors can not be corrected.


Cancelling or amending orders

As soon as the order has been completed and accepted, you are no longer entitled to change or cancel your order, this also includes any entitlement to a refund. If for any reason you wish to cancel or amend your order, you can contact the Restaurant Directly, however please be aware the Restaurant are not under any obligation to agree and fulfil such requests where they have started processing an order.


Processing Orders

Once you complete your order and payment has been accepted, we will then confirm your order with the Restaurant, we will confirm with you that the order has been accepted by the Restaurant.

If the Restaurant rejects or cancels the order we will communicate this to you promptly. Where the Restaurant rejects or cancels an order, any payment made would be returned to you.


Delivery of orders

For delivery times for orders, theses are provided by the Restaurant, and we must stress these are only estimated times. All Eat App nor the Restaurant can guarantee delivery times. All estimated delivery times provided by the chosen Restaurant are given with the best of intentions to fulfil within this time where possible.

When selecting the delivery option you will be confirming you will be available to accept the delivery of your order at the delivery address selected.



Prices on our website and mobile application include VAT but exclude delivery charges if applicable, and the service charge. These charges will be added to the total on completion of the order, you will be able to view these charges before completing your order. Delivery and service charges will depend on the Restaurant selected.


Incorrect pricing

Due to the large amount of menus available on our website and mobile application it is possible for some prices to be incorrect. In the event of an incorrect price on the website is processed as part of your order we contact you, and inform you of this.

All Eat App nor the Restaurant are under any obligation to provide the order at a lower price, which is incorrect on the website or mobile application.



We have many payment options available on our website or mobile application, these include credit and debit cards, and Paypal through our website or by cash to the Restaurant on collection or delivery.


Card payments

Please be aware if you are paying by credit or debit card that on occasion there may be delays with the processing of card payments, this can be a delay of up to sixty (60) days for the amount to be deducted from your card or charged to your credit card.


Customer Service

Here at All Eat App caring for our customer needs is important to us. We have a dedicated customer care team to assist you with any problems, queries or questions relating to your order or using our website and mobile application. You can contact our customer care team via the live chat on our website and mobile application, or alternately by Email using the contact us page found on our website.

If we are unable to assist you with any problems or questions you may have, Where possible we will contact the Restaurant on your behalf, and provide you with an update to your query.


Complaints or Feedback

We always welcome feedback for the service provided as well the products received. We always recommend leaving a review for the Restaurant to reflect your experience, to help other users decide on using the Restaurant, and to help the Restaurant to improve and adapt there service and products to suit the customer needs. You are responsible for any reviews provided, therefore you should ensure any reviews you do provide are fair, true, accurate, and based on your own genuine experience.



If in the event you are dissatisfied with the quality of any of the products or the service provided by the Restaurant and you wish to seek a refund, part refund or price reduction, you should contact the Restaurant directly to discuss what you are dissatisfied with, and to come to a resolution. If you are unable to come to an agreement or resolution, you can contact our customer care team or put your complaint in an Email to us, and we will contact the Restaurant on your behalf.

Please be aware that the legal contract for the supply and purchase of the products is between you and the Restaurant. We have no control over the Restaurants or the service and products they provide. We have no responsibility or liability to provide refunds on behalf of the Restaurant.





Website Access

The website is normally available 24 hours a day. We will try to ensure the website is always accessible, however we do not have any obligation to do so, and in the event the website is unavailable we will not be liable for any period this may occur.

From time to time website access may be suspended temporarily without notice for website maintenance or other business related reasons.



The reviews left on the website are for information purposes only and give customer experience feedback. Reviews are to reflect the own opinions of customers who have ordered through out website or mobile application, they do not represent any advise from All Eat App, and we have no responsibility or liability.

We reserve the right to remove any review at any time, where it is deemed to be untrue, discriminative, abusive or objective. We will also remove any content in which may expose us or any third parties to harm or liability of any type, and for any legal reasons.


Website Images

On the website you will see many images of food, these images are for design of the website to give the customers a feel for the cuisine, these images may not be any dish prepared and provided by the chosen Restaurant or represent any food you may order from the Restaurant.



Website information

While we try to ensure that the information on the website is correct and up to date, we can not promise it will be accurate or complete at all times. We may need to make changes to the website form time to time, this may include the website layout, functionality, information regarding the website of Restaurants and this may also include products, prices, and delivery.


Restaurant obligations

The legal contract for the supply and purchase of products is between you and the Restaurant. Any dissatisfaction with the service or product should be between you and the Restaurant. All timings for delivery and collections are estimated only, and we do not guarantee that any of the estimated times given will be upheld.


Allergy, and dietary information

We try to keep all our Restaurant menu’s up to date as and when the Restaurant updates on any changes to the menu, this includes any ingredients and allergy information. We would always advise you to contact the Restaurant directly if you have any allergy, dietary needs, or you have any concerns and questions about the ingredients in a dish you wish to order.






It is our right to terminate or suspend your right to use the website or mobile application at our sole discretion if we believe that you have breached the terms of use on our website or mobile application, including the misuse of the website and mobile application. We also monitor the use of accounts on our website and mobile application and will also terminate if we deem to be suspicious, fraudulent or otherwise being used for unethical reasons, this includes providing untrue or misleading reviews about a Restaurant for personal gain or to damage the reputation of the Restaurant in question or us.


Other Terms

As set out in our Privacy Policy, we are committed to keeping you personal information secure, and will only process any of the data you provide us with as set out in our Privacy Policy.


We advise that you read our Cookies Policy for all information on how and why we use Cookies for the best possible delivery of our website and mobile application.


In using our website or mobile application you agree to the terms set out on this page and understand the full terms and conditions of the use of the website and mobile application.